secure online casino payments
It’s not news that playing safe online casinos people always try to choose the safest ones, because they’re constantly worried about the money. It is the second most important aspect in gambling after passion.

That’s why secure payment is significant among gamers. Therefore, they choose the casino websites where their capital will be protected and they’ll be able to revel in the game without unnecessary agitation. Here are the payment instructions for gambling in trusted online casino.

How to Make Online Casino Deposits

It isn’t a difficult procedure. First, you choose a safe casino site, then a game you like. Here your task is to find a button Cashier and choose the option Deposit. Then you pick out the way you’ll make your deposit and enter the appropriate sum.

Each gambling house has its minimum total. Very often it is $20. After a while or at once (it depends on the way you’ve chosen) money appears on your account.

But be attentive! Some casinos can offer you the so called start bonus while visiting the first time. If you agree and take it, you’ll have to regain it! That’s why it is better not to accept it.

How to Withdraw

In contrast to filling up of your account, you can’t take your money back at once. Every gambling house has its terms to withdraw it and normally it can be fulfilled from 3 up to 7 days. Commonly it is impossible to get less than $20.

To accomplish this operation click the button Cashier again, then Bank, after that press Withdraw and Cash-Out. But there are also its peculiarities here. You should receive your money the same way you’ve put it on your deposit. It concerns all the payout methods except checks and bank transfers.

Payment Methods

Nowadays the great amount of various payment methods exists and it is growing rapidly. In the next paragraphs we’ll consider the most popular ones more minutely for you to understand and make the best choice.

Debit Cards

how to pay in safe online casino
Debit cards like Visa, Maestro, Switch, Laser as a way of secure online casino payment are widely used in the world, especially in Europe and the UK. With their help deposit operations take place really quickly, you can get access to your account 24 hours/day and be safe protected by its secret PIN.

Credit Cards

Credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express are in the USA, UK and Canada more widespread. Their advantages can be the facts that you have an opportunity to make larger deposits and cashouts and that your accounts may be frozen by your customer service if your card will be stolen.

Bank Transfers and E-Checks

This method is faster than credit cards and more secure, because the transaction is put into effect between you and your bank. That’s why a casino uses the same security system like tracking and digital fingerprints.

Prepaid Methods

Prepaid cards look like credit or debit ones, but are not connected to the bank system. Extremely popular one of such type is a Paysafecard.

To use it, people buy vouchers with the unique code and enter it on the gambling website in the section Cashier. After that, money comes from your coupon to your casino account and you may play.


For sure E-Wallets can be called the fastest and the most widespread method of online payment. Its profits are also high security and accessibility in most of the countries.

How to Protect Your Money While Making Payments at Secure Online Casino

Choosing a way of payment, we always select the safest and the most suitable one. Nowadays each method has its own protection degree and we simply should decide what more important for us is:

  • to enter a secret PIN and remain anonymous or be protected by the bank;
  • to accomplish a payment and withdrawal fast or not to hurry and control this process