The theme of virtual casino honesty worries many people as online entertainments are one of the favorite ways of having a rest. So, if you like to play trusted online casino – fair gaming is important for you. Let’s talk about the problem of safe betting houses and the ways to protect ourselves from swizzle.

Many people, who would like to try their fortune playing internet games, let the fear stop them at risk of being cheated. It is a fair question – how can you make certain of casino honesty? How to receive evidence that they are not using fraudulent methods against you? Well, the answer is below.

Random Number Generator in Online Casinos

All gambling amusements in the web have some kind of chance element. No matter who is your opponent – the house or another player, the honesty of this randomization is very important because it is a kind of proof that game goes fairly. That’s why every safe online casino in the internet uses RNG, or Random Number Generator.
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How to Trust the RNG

The RNG is a part of the house’s software that is aimed to make the gaming process really honest. Actually, it is an algorithm that generates random numbers used, for example, in the reel’s spinning or blackjack shuffle. Having just a seed number (starting number), the RNG program produces hundreds of number combinations each second. So it’s impossible to guess the right one unless you know the seed number and the algorithm used.

How to be Sure That Safe Online Casinos Will not Manipulate the Random Number Generator

Another question is whether the trusted online casino is not manipulates the generator results. The chance, that betting rooms use other programs to garble the numbers for their own interest, is extremely big – it has happened before. And the players can never get to know the real reason of their misfortune. But if one day the deception will be revealed, the wagering house will permanently lose customers, and – which is more important – its reputation. Manipulation of RNG results may bring temporary gains, but is not a profitable strategy in terms of business development. Consequently, it is not profitable for giants of gambling entertainments.

Rigged Games Prevention in Secure Online Casinos

The skepticism of some players in houses integrity is justified. But there are some effective ways to check the level of honesty of a particular gaming site.

Casinos Audited by Government Authorities

In many countries (e.g. The USA, Australia, Canada) gambling market is under government’s control. That means the betting room is not able to work legally until it doesn’t pass through authorities’ audition, that check if the Random Number Generators are truly random and all other rules of fair play are observed. Only after such inspections the casino can be a part of a white list of trusted gambling operators.

Trusted Casino Reputation

To ensure that the casino does not rig, you can refer to real people reviews. Risk lovers who had dealt with a particular house and stood satisfied are the best proof of its fairness. Of course, it’s better to ask friends or people you trust, but you can also search for special blogs or forums in order to verify the reputation of the chosen site.

Good PR of Online Casinofair games in secure online casino

There is a wrong belief that virtual casinos do not allow players to win too much. Actually, they are interested in having big winners as they are the best advertising and honesty proof of the gambling game operators.

Different Independent Casinos Testing

Finally, there are special services that make independent auditions of houses’ working process. All reputable operators are tested by third-party companies like TST, ECOGRA, GLI etc. and have an approving license that you can check at the foot of the homepage. If you see such a certificate, be sure – your money is protected from unfair losing.