Cashback reward in safe online casino is a powerful attraction tool aimed to reward the players and encourage them for the further bets. It is defined as the return of certain amount or percentage on the wagers or the net losses incurred during specific games or predefined time period. This opportunity of gambling with the reduced risk gains a lot of attention and popularity due to the easy access and guaranteed “safety cushion”.

What Does the Cashback Bonus Mean

online casino cashback bonus
The cashback concept differs from casino to casino and even within certain entertainments. Hence, it might be set at precise percentage, usually from 5% to 25%, or limited by the maximum money equivalent. It can also increase on the fixed days or weeks for all portfolios as well as for the selected products. The rebate way is either in real cash or as the credit on the account. For example, today your favorite slots may save 10% of the lost deposit, but tomorrow the same game can return 20% due to the special promo.

Cashback Types

The majority of providers promotes cashback in 2 main variations. You are most likely to find those who suggest the rebate on the total money waste. Yet, some websites offer this bonus as another incentive method for the entire wagers made during a particular timeframe. Further we put forward the analysis of the both options.

Cashback on Losses

This type of cashback promises the reimbursement of the set percentage on the net losses. The track of those is defined by the individual games or all of the gambling opportunities as limited by the definite timeframe. Hence, if safe online casino promotes 25% return with the maximum of 40$, it will grant you not more than 40$ in case of 160$ or any higher failed sum. Note, that this award does not apply to the “gross” economic damages.

Bonus on the Total Amount of Bets

Another variation is more often used for the sports or horse bets. However, few gambling suppliers include it into their arsenal as well. This cashback is based on the total gross amount wagered within the game or the fixed period of time, regardless of the outcome. For instance, the bonus of 10% will bring 100$ to your account after betting 1,000$.

Top Up

secure online casino cashback
The complete opposite of the reward on the losses is the top up bonus. Here the extra sum of money is added to the actual winnings. The system of calculation and the payment options remain similar to the standard cashback schema. The only striking difference affects the percentage, which is normally quite lower and varies just between 5% and 10%. Yet, this small “cherry on the cake” is an absolute pleasure!

Cashback Bonus Wagering Requirements

The great news for the gamblers who come across this promo is the low or completely excluded wagering requirements of its redemption. The amount qualified for the reimbursement is simply credited on the next day after the specific amusement or at the end of the fixed period. Straight after, one can play it again without any limitations. In rare cases, the gambler can withdraw the sum into real money.

How to Qualify Cashback Bonus in Online Casinos

Safe online casinos make it quite easy and simple to get enrolled into their award systems. If the cashback program is offered, it gets activated for you automatically. The 1st deposit is quite often enhanced with this pleasant return guarantee. The subsequent details one may always check in the Terms and Conditions or by contacting the customer care. In other cases, you can deliberately chase the bonus from time to time as providers tend to use it for promotion of the new products or during certain pre-announced periods.